I like to think of my sessions and trainings as a multi-faceted approach to sensual, sexual and spiritual healing. All of these facets co-exist and, like walking a labyrinth, ultimately lead us to our center, the blissful energy of our hearts.

My sessions and trainings include:



What is Tantra? 


Tantra is an ancient ecstatic spiritual practice. Conceived in reaction to a monastic system which eschewed worldly experience and sensual pleasure, Tantra rather embraces sensate experience as a means to Divine Union. In this sense, Tantra is a  love-making with all that we know in order to know that which is less tangible.

Tantra is not a religion. It has no dogma, no prescriptions. There are no authorities, no authors, no rules, no retributions. Tantra is about allowing yourself to feel what already is. Tantra is about letting go.

If you have ever loved someone, if you have ever  been passionately in love, you can remember that feeling of deep connection, the melting swoon of conjoining. Tantra enables us to have that feeling in relation to all of life.

It is a tall order to feel passionate love for all of existence. It is not something easily achieved. That is why we come together: to practice the feeling of love.


What is Conscious Touch and Conscious Sensuality?


Many people in our culture are shut down, detached and disembodied. The demands on our time, the stresses of contemporary existence, the mental overload, the day-to-day slog can numb us out. In general, we do not honor the power of touch or of sensual experience.  A lot of people are touch-deprived. Who gets touched sufficiently in our world aside from "honeymooners," household pets, and infants?

Conscious touch and sensuality is a purposeful methodology to help us return to an infant’s experience of sensuality. It teaches us that we can be held at the same level of comfort as a baby, fed, taken care of, and nurtured. It is a profound meditation on sensual experience, a slowing down. We slow everything down in order to fully feel ourselves. In doing so, we no longer experience our minds and our bodies  as separate. We no longer feel ourselves separate from one another. We learn we can soften our boundaries enough to have an experience of the energy fields that join us. We become aware, not just of sensation, but also of energy (life force) that binds us to all of existence.


What is Sexual Empowerment Training?


Our sexual expression is the wildest and most ecstatic energy we contain in our bodies. It is the seat of our joy, our fantasies, and our hopes. It connects us to our future and to our past. It connects us to our pre-rational selves. It spurs us on to creative acts beyond our wildest dreams. It brings us to erotic love. Our orgasms and orgasmic potential can also catapult us to the Divine. It is our power, the raw energy within. 

But unfortunately, our sexual expression is both misused by and misused in our culture.  It is the seat of shame and shaming. As with touch, we are not taught to honor our sexuality. We connect it to vulgarity and treat it with disdain. We are taught to dislike our bodies. Many of us experience trauma in relation to sex.

Sexual empowerment training is a system to consciously reprogram our experience of our sexual selves. We learn how to love our bodies and our sex organs, we learn how to have fuller, longer, more expansive orgasms. We learn how to use our breath and our energy centers to experience orgasm in every part of our body. We discuss and learn techniques for more dynamic and present love-making. We learn how to better please our lovers by being more present and by loving ourselves more fully.  We learn to be confident because ultimately, the confidence we feel as sexual beings spills over into our areas of our life. 

This in turn enables us to feel our spirituality and to share our joy, and thus there is a circle, the circular web of life.