So, you have read through my website and are interested in booking a session or training with me, or you simply wish to know more before booking a session or training, what should you do?

If you are interested in booking with me, or discussing my services further,  please read the below regarding my intake process and desired methods of contact. My intake process has a few steps, but it is expedient and uncomplicated. I will get back to you usually within a few hours of your initial request. 

Please note: I prefer advance bookings of at least a day. 

To establish contact,  please use the form on this page and provide all the requested information about yourself.  (Although I ask for a phone number, I will not call without prior agreement.)

In that vein, please let me know of any special considerations you would like regarding contact. (I generally use email for almost all of my communications.)

Also, please let me know that you have read about and feel comfortable with my screening requirements. Then let me know how you plan to satisfy them. 

In that vein, please let me know that you have read and can abide by the terms of my privacy statement.

Also, please let me know that you have read my statement regarding deposits and are willing to leave a refundable deposit for your session. 

Most importantly, in the message section, tell me a little about yourself and let me know your reasons for wanting to come see me.  Please tell me about any physical, relational, or emotional issues you would like to address in our session. I would also like to know about your experience level with tantra, sensual or sexual healing: if you have ever done anything like this before.

Please note: I am extremely selective about who I see because I am sharing intimate sacred space with you. If you cannot introduce yourself properly or share information about yourself and your intentions in meeting me in at least a few full sentences, I cannot respond. 

After we have made an initial contact using this form,  I will provide you with any additional information you need. We will then arrange a time to speak on the phone to continue our intake process and to establish our connection. On the phone,  I will try to answer any further questions you may have. 

Please note: Except for the one time intake phone call, my preferred method of communication is email or the contact form on this page. Please do not call me or text me to make any future appointment. I rarely answer the phone unless I am expecting a call and texts get lost!



Name *
Phone *
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Screening Requirements *
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How will you fulfill my screening requirement? *
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Privacy Statement *
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Deposit Requirement *
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Tantra experience *
Have you seen a professional tantra practitioner previously? (It is not required: I just like to know.)
If you have seen tantra practitioners/teachers previously, can you provide their names and/or links to their websites?
Please introduce yourself and include at least one full paragraph about your intentions in coming to see me. I would really like to know who you are! You can share any additional details about your experiences with tantra, any intimacy, sexual, emotional or health issues you want to address, and anything else you want me to know.