Beloved Seekers, if you have words of insight or feedback for me after our session,  you may send them to me using this form. I would be happy to hear from you and answer any questions that have arisen for you as well. A sampling of what others have said is below. You may submit comments with your name and email, or if you prefer, anonymously.


“I had a wonderful time with you earlier today, you are a master of your craft. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future, until then nothing but positive energy your way.”

“Hey, Amy! I really loved the session. It was my first massage session and you made it into a wonderful one. The main thing I liked about the session is you tried to connect with me on a different level. Hope I can see you again.”

“Hi Amy! I woke up this morning missing your wonderful intensity. I think when I get home from work this evening I'm going to take a look at a good time to schedule another session with you.”

“Thank you, Amy for the whole evening.  It was so sensual and I will never forget it.  You are very talented.  It was nice meeting your gentle soul.  Thank you.”

“Hey Amy, thank you the wonderful time today. It was an amazing experience as well as an honor to be in your presence. I do wish to see you again and will do so as soon as I can. Your touch still lingers on my skin. You already mean more to me than you will ever know.”

“I have had some time to reflect and let our session settle. It felt transformative. I wish I had more words to describe what has been opened up in me. Allowing myself to feel exposed and safe was amazing.  All-in-all, I am grateful to you. Thank you, Amy. I feel good about you helping guide me on this leg of my healing journey. You have a gift, for sure.”

“I always think of our time spent together.  It gives me serenity when i feel stressed. Cant wait for our next encounter.”

“Amy, You are wonderful and a huge help. And I count it as a huge blessing that I was able to find you.”

“It was amazing and awesome but that seems a little light. I’ve never felt that way before. I felt very safe, secure, good, aroused and happy. It felt very okay to be there. It felt like it was okay to want to be there.  And I was completely there. My head wasn’t anywhere else. This isn’t totally accurate but is the best way I can describe it. I really liked the approach.” 

“I truly appreciate you. This was an incredible experience. Each time I see you... I learn even more about what I need/want, am reminded to self care, and what true intimacy can be like.”

“I have been thinking about our session and want you to know that it was one of the deepest, powerful, and erotic I have ever experienced, and just wanted to thank you for that. "

"Thanks again for so much for everything especially pushing me. You should know that night I slept so happily and peacefully. So you gave me a very rare two straight nights of bliss."


"It was so nice meeting you yesterday, I had an incredible experience. Thank you so much for making the time to see me and for taking care of me, I appreciate you a great deal. I look forward to seeing where our future journeys may take us."


"Thank you so much Amy. Our time together today was exactly what I needed. You were divine!"


"While I don't know you, your presence (not sure that is the correct word) had an incredibly calming and soothing affect on me. I hope you know you are indeed gifted at what you do and I consider our time a blessing."


"I have been reflecting on our time together and I have to share that was the most amazing sensually spiritual engagement I have ever experienced. I still tremble when I recall our journey and the beautiful way you welcomed and guided me as our time unfolded. You have helped me release a huge burden from my spirit and for that I am forever in your debt. Ms. Amy you are truly a wonderfully talented, very special person and I am so blessed to have met you.We shared a beautiful connection that I so look forward to expanding upon."


"It was my pleasure to explore a new path with you. It was a very good experience for both my mind and body. Thank you for showing me new perspective so i can have a better understanding of myself and those around me."


"I thought our session today was wonderful, didn’t know what to expect at first, but you made me feel very at ease. Getting that close with you felt very comfortable and I believe I was able to try new things because of it. Once again thank you and hope to hear from you in the future"


"Thank you so much Amy!  You are a beautiful and gifted woman who opened my eyes to a whole new world today.  I enjoyed our time together and will work on the exercises you taught me.  After I've had time to work on these areas for a while, I'll get back in touch for another lesson."


"Hi Amy, just wanted say thank you for a lovely, amazing time yesterday.  I really appreciate how present you were with me...had a sense of calm & peace like never before...thank you're a very special lady, that expresses and shows your love in all that you do, and I appreciate you sharing with me!"


"Amy,  thank you so very much.  I am absolutely encouraged that I still got it.  My performance today was like when I was in my twenties, amazing,  super thanks to you. A great experience."


"Hello Amy, I just wanted to thank you again for the other day.  I feel like I now have hope in being able to move forward."


"Hey Amy, I wanted to thank you again for an amazing time last weekend. I'll never forget the experience we shared. You made me feel safe, loved, and relaxed for the rest of the day.  I cannot thank you enough for letting me experience your beauty and your loving and caring soul. I hope to see you in the not so distant future."


"Thank you for all your help over this past year. I had so much fun meeting up with you, felt very comfortable and you really gave me many gifts that I am so grateful for! I hope that our paths cross again someday!"


"You were wonderful with me! So kind and gentle. You listened. I am grateful for what I learned with you and that I was able to be in a vulnerable safe place with you. I am happy to have met you. To have had a discovery moment. I loved your warmth and gentle spirit.  I am so grateful for healers like you who do there work with passion and heart." 


"i love it when you look forward to something and it ends up being even better than you'd expected. today was sort of like that.  thank you, for the fantastic massage, the light in your eyes..."


"Thank you so much for our terrific session today! I loved every minute of it!! I loved how you slowed everything down, included our whole bodies. I also really loved your massage--it was so blissful!! I will let you know about another session"


"It was a great learning experience and helped me relax quite a bit. I found a few smartphone apps which help with pelvic floor exercises, and also help one learn how to control them. I guess I have started my journey to hone my sensual and sexual skills :)"


"Our time has been thrilling.  I'm learning so much and look forward to our next one."


"Amy, I just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing experience. I cant begin to tell you how much our time together lingered in my mind.  I thought it was incredible how easy it was to connect with you.  I will make sure i make time to see you again in the near future.  Have a wonderful day."


"I had been looking for a combination of tantra and bondage; that was less dungeon and more boudoir, when I came across Amy's ad.  I'm new to both, so it was great to find someone who was knowledgeable, pleasant and willing to educate.  If you read her site, you'll will get a very clear picture.  She is as smart, attractive and talented, as portrayed.  The pictures are completely accurate and the process to meet up with her was simple and straightforward.  We spoke a few days in advance to discuss our interests and boundaries, both of which were satisfied, respected and fully enjoyed.  She's attractive and easy going. Sultry, sexy and an excellent listener and teacher.  I've booked two, two hour tantra/kink sessions and look forward to the third."


"I took Amy's six-part series in "how to be a better lover," in the spring of 2015. I found Amy to be sensitive and intuitive, sexy, and although I came to Amy with a good deal of baggage from the past, she was able to unlock my potential as a better and more skillful lover. I came to this series in a period of transition, needing to address past trauma that had blocked me from true intimacy. I found I could be extremely open with Amy about everything I was dealing with, be it sexual or emotional. Amy is a gentle soul and an insightful teacher. I'd recommend her series to anyone wishing to learn tools for creating a better intimate connection to their lovers." 


"Amy has a kind heart, a tender touch, and a deeply rich soul. She has a gift for heightening sensuality and expanding the senses in a state of pure relaxation. For many years, I've struggled with the inability to feel pleasure and suffered a mind-body disconnect due to a paralyzing spinal cord injury. During the session, Amy taught me techniques to channel energies in ways that produced blissful sensations that echoed powerfully throughout my body and opened my heart. Much of the experience was new and exciting but I also felt things that I thought I'd lost after my injury and feared I'd never feel again. The session was very healing and transformative and I'm grateful to Amy for that."


"Rick and I wanted to thank you for the session. It was informative and you made us feel comfortable. We appreciate the experience." 


"Thanks for today Amy. I was left content and at ease..."


“Enjoyed your company very much, you are a very Beautiful Special Lady.  You brought me to a good place on a dark day and I thank you for you gift.”


"I just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing experience. I thought it was incredible how easy it was to connect with you. I will make sure I make time to see you again in the near future."


"Each session is a new journey to wherever you wish to go - with gentle care, you are led to your chosen destination. Each moment is another chance to appreciate the sights and sounds of your inner universe. Enraptured in a sense of safety and security, you are free to release energy you didn't even know lay dormant within you."


"For those expecting, the birth process can sometimes be intimidating. Amy invites you to transform your perspective through imagery and breath exercises followed by a full body massage experience. With all senses on board, Amy provides you with the soul-resounding guidance to create a memorable scene that will accompany you all the way to the delivery room. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to have a sensual birthing experience." 


“I actually have fantasized  about that session quite a few times. Your touch was soft and soft and elegant, really turned me on and got me into a mood i seldom have. Your body was amazing. beautiful face, great soft breast and a killer ass. I remember massaging you and feeling the warmth of your skin every where. I really love women in your age group, and you have the perfect look and touch....”


“Amy....thank you so much.  The massage was absolutely as you described really relaxed my body and of course the atmosphere and sensual nature of the session was exactly what I was looking for.  Lived up to the expectation!  It was perfect.  So thanks again and I hope to schedule another session soon.”


“I just want to say that I think you are an amazing person. The way you made me feel when we had a session was truly unforgettable. You are so kind, compassionate, and generous. You have the hands of an artist, the heart of a queen, the eyes of an angel, and the body of a star.”


“Your elegance is mesmerizing. Just watching you walk I was delighted by your grace, You seem to be such an artist of life and it brings me great joy to be near beauty whatever form it takes.”


“Amy, you have been one of the most enlightened person I have met in several years. I hope that I was able to provide you with a tiny percentage of the pleasure I received from you. Your energy, spiritual, sensual and sexual experience I feel I can imagine getting without it coming from a loving experience. The love and caring nature along with all of your attributes should be shared with all. I feel amazing, balanced, relaxed and spiritually connected. I still feel awesome thanks to you and your gifts. Thank you again.”


“Today was a special session I will soon not forget.  I truly think you're a very nice person who enjoys her profession.  I felt a loving, affectionate, nurturing, environment with a sense of humor.I totally surrendered to you and the results were awesome.  You are a very special lady whom I would definitely recommend to a friend.  Thank you for a great session!  I'll be back to you...”


"I've had some great massages before, but none that made my face tingle."


“you are very sensitive, a whole other level of sensitivity.”


“You've got yourself some fantastic hands.”


“That WAS tantra. I was massaged by a master and I am a connoisseur.”


“just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday.   sorry if i was so loopy at the end, too blissed out i guess.    still feel the resonance of your touch.   magical stuff”


 “Thanks so much. That was a fantasy. You are a beautiful woman.”


“Thank you for Yesterday, It was an experience that was much better than Anticipated”


“Amy, A simply amazing time, you're an angelic goddess :). Can't wait until next visit.”


“Incidentally, I love your hair and toes. And the intensity in your eyes. I sense a certain softness and feel your complexity.  You are a beautiful creature. At least as much as I can tell in so short a time.  You possess a plentitude of silky layers...” 


 “So very nice to meet you. Deeply impressed by your concentration and penetrating sense of another’s condition. BUT, besides that, you’re a very nice person and someone I would have wanted to meet in this short, precious life.”


“Amy, I wanted to reach out to you to thank you again for a wonderful session yesterday, very soothing and relaxing for me and somewhat of a new experience that was very positive. I appreciate your soothing demeanor and touch. I'll be in touch to schedule another session soon.”


“I so appreciate your warm spirit and energy that you shared with me. Connecting with all of our senses....taste, smell, sound, visual, and touch!!, was so, so wonderful. I enjoyed the beautiful environment you created, and truly, truly felt so welcomed by You. I so enjoyed letting go, and opening myself to You, and it was special that you were open to me.”


 “Thanks so much for our session I had a great time and the massage was fabulous along with every thing else, looking forward to another one are a beautiful person so glad I got to know you..With love”


"I want to thank you once again for an enjoyable session and exposing me to something different! I really got alot out of it and from the talking , your touch was compassionate and so inviting I cannot wait to see you again. I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is no longer a train."


“Thank you. That was lovely. You provide a special service in a personable and highly professional way. It was also very enjoyable. Wow.”


“Good Morning Amy, I hope you don't mind, but I'm moved to share my thoughts....I was clearing out some mail and came across the pics you sent me. I lingered and absorbed your image as I replayed in my mind our time together. Its a pleasurable way to start the day... with a smile and a feeling of sensual serenity. Thank you for this gift. I'll be in touch to schedule more memories....”


"Thanks a million for the pleasurable session. You were truly mindblowing. You were a lucky find for my first time. I can't stop thinkinb about how beautiful your smile is (and also your breasts.) Anyway, I hope/plan to make another appointment, but in the meantime, I will be fantasizing about you."


 “I am truly grateful to be with you this evening. You are a wonderful and remarkable lady.   The joy of the moment this evening was particularly strong, and I will relive our time over and over.”


 “Just wanted to than you for pampering me and treating me so well the other day. It was a fantastic experience & I really enjoyed all of the techniques you used to excite all my senses. I loved your statuesque, warm body too.”


“Thank You Amy so much. You are the best and so beautiful. I will be back to see you soon. Love and Light.”


"Thank you for a beautiful session Amy! We so much appreciate it and would love to do it again some time!"


“Amy, A simply amazing time, you're an angelic goddess :). Can't wait until next visit.”


"Today was so hot! I really am dreaming of you and your magic.  You are beautiful!"




“You are poetry….”