How to be a Better Lover: Sexual Awareness and Intimacy Training for Men


I am happy to offer my intensive training series for men: HOW TO BE A BETTER LOVER.

The series can be completed as either:

  • Leisurely: Six 2 hour sessions

  • Accelerated: Two or three 3 - 5 hour sessions

 The first session in the series may be paid for as a single.

When I say, "how to be a better lover," I mean much more than physical love-making. The intention behind this series is to develop an approach to living fully, authentically, and harmoniously. It is an introduction to becoming not only a better lover, but also a better man, a better partner, a better lover of life, a better lover of one's self. In the intensive series, through establishing trust and developing a relationship, I can more easily serve as your muse and mirror. This way, I can create a container through which you can  improve your relationships to women and to yourself. Here we can explore deeper levels of spirituality and connection. We can begin to remove any blocks you may have or believe you may have in these regards. This is  spiritual, emotional, and sexual healing. The series involves a commitment to real transformation. Change is a process and it takes practice to grow. Home exercises will be given in addition to session time.

What They Say:

"I took Amy's six-part series in "how to be a better lover," in the spring of 2015. I found Amy to be sensitive and intuitive, sexy, and although I came to Amy with a good deal of baggage from the past, she was able to unlock my potential as a better and more skillful lover. I came to this series in a period of transition, needing to address past trauma that had blocked me from true intimacy. I found I could be extremely open with Amy about everything I was dealing with, be it sexual or emotional. Amy is a gentle soul and an insightful teacher. I'd recommend her series to anyone wishing to learn tools for creating a better intimate connection to their lovers." Jack, Brooklyn.

"Amy has a kind heart, a tender touch, and a deeply rich soul. She has a gift for heightening sensuality and expanding the senses in a state of pure relaxation. For many years, I've struggled with the inability to feel pleasure and suffered a mind-body disconnect due to a paralyzing spinal cord injury. During the session, Amy taught me techniques to channel energies in ways that produced blissful sensations that echoed powerfully throughout my body and opened my heart. Much of the experience was new and exciting but I also felt things that I thought I'd lost after my injury and feared I'd never feel again. The session was very healing and transformative and I'm grateful to Amy for that." Paul, Asheville.

Clients I have been able to help through this process include:

  • Men with PE issues

  • Men with erectile dysfunction

  • Men with ejaculatory dysfunction

  • Men with sex, porn, or fetish addictions

  • Men who have survived sexual trauma

  • Men with self-esteem issues

  • Men with PTSD

  • Men in sexually compromised relationships

  • Men recovering from divorce, separation, or break-up

  • Men who have a general feeling of sensual/physical/emotional detachment

  • Men who have had prostate surgery

  • Men with physical disabilities

  • Men who find their relationships with women confusing or unsatisfying



I am willing to travel distantly for seekers interested in my intensive training series. Rates will include travel expenses and cost of accommodations. 

If you are traveling to see me from a distance or I am traveling to see you, I offer a complimentary pre-booking video call. 

Exempting exceptional life circumstances, I ask that the series be completed within 6 months' time, so we do not lose valuable momentum.

Please inquire for rates and further details.


Please note: any payment received is in consideration of my time and for instruction in tantra, conscious sensuality, and sexual empowerment. All my sessions and trainings are educational in nature and the fee is for a sharing of my expertise. Anything else that happens in my sessions and trainings is a matter of consent between fully informed adults.